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Cover Image - PRESCOTT Cordless Drill/Drive 12V 18NM

PRESCOTT Cordless Drill/Drive 12V 18NM


Product Details Market Price: Rs. 12,000.00+++ Company Price: Rs. 11,200.00 Our Price: Rs. 10,000.00 Special Offer: Rs. 9,500.00 VISA/MASTER Cards Ac, etc...

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Cover Image - Reinforcement Work

Reinforcement Work


We are SN Construction team. We undertake Plumbing works, Aluminum Fabrication works, Tempered Glass work, Welding works, Tiling works, Building Paint, etc...

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Cover Image - Timber Finished Floor

Timber Finished Floor

New Look Interior

Any kind of interior work Vertical blind / decorative wood finished Flooring And Aluminium partition work. We are Provide Island Wide service and Mini, etc...

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Cover Image - Lorry For Rent

Lorry For Rent

Malshi Supplier

JCB/ Excavator ( 200-130-30) / Lorry .(3 cube - 1 Cube ) and Any Kind of Rent Machine Island wide service, etc...

0776068807 / 0774344831 / 0779693582

Cover Image - Aura Construction (Pvt)Ltd

Aura Construction (Pvt)Ltd

Aura Construction (Pvt)Ltd

We are Aura construction's giving your all engineering construction requirements with our qualified architectures ,engineers ,surveyors, quan, etc...

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Cover Image - Floor Carpets

Floor Carpets

Top Interior

We lead in the engineering field to offer any kind of interior designs for construction industry flooring,Partitions, Ceilings, Furniture, Window blin, etc...

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Cover Image - Metal


Saman Hardware

Building Material supplier in island wide, etc...

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Cover Image - Jiyora Nirmani construction

Jiyora Nirmani construction

Jiyora Nirmani Construction

We are Jiyora Nirmani Construction giving your all engineering construction requirements with our qualified architectures ,engineers ,surveyors, quant, etc...

0773139558 / 0767333639

Cover Image - Aluminium Pantry Cupboards

Aluminium Pantry Cupboards

Ashan Fabricator

Any kind of aluminium Partition, Fix glass doors and windows Supply and installation service for Island wide, etc...

0770454535 / 0753454535

Cover Image - Steel Work

Steel Work

Madushan Steel Works

Steel building fabrication work and steel roof work around island wide, etc...


Email: info@wedabima.com
Sausiri Complex, High Level Rd Nugegoda, Western 10250 LK