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Cover Image - Vinyl   Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Team Engineering & Consultant

FLOOR WORKS products have been broadly used in residences, department stores, restaurants, commercial buildings and other public spaces. Creat, etc...

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Cover Image - Roof painting Work

Roof painting Work

Avogel constructions

We are avogel constructions.we porovide any paint services,construction any building or homes,celing,Roofing work,Flooring work ect....., etc...


Cover Image - Poker Machine

Poker Machine

Aura Construction (Pvt)Ltd

Pker Machine for rent, etc...

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Cover Image - Decorative Partition

Decorative Partition

Top Interior

We lead in the engineering field to offer any kind of interior designs for construction industry flooring,Partitions, Ceilings, Furniture, Window blin, etc...

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Cover Image - Demolishing Works

Demolishing Works

TN Lanka Construction Pvt Ltd

TN Lanka Construction is amongst the oldest and most well reputed construction company in Sri Lanka. The company provides end-to-end solutions for res, etc...

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Cover Image - Roofing Work

Roofing Work

Luckmal Homes & Constructions

We are Lakmal Homes & Constructions giving your all engineering construction requirements with our qualified architectures ,engineers ,survey, etc...


Cover Image - Home construction

Home construction

Aura Construction (Pvt)Ltd

We are Aura construction's giving your all engineering construction requirements with our qualified architectures ,engineers ,surveyors, quan, etc...

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Cover Image - Stainless Steel Hand railing

Stainless Steel Hand railing

Duro Engineers

Decorative Stainless steel Hand railing and Gates and Decorative interior panels Supply and installation, etc...

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Cover Image - MESON WORK



LAAL CONSTRUCTION Building, Repairing, Tile & Painting House plans based on 'Waasthu' All types of Masonry & Tile work Painting,, etc...

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Cover Image - Wiring/Cabling/Conduit work

Wiring/Cabling/Conduit work


We provide CCTV,Home Security System,Intruder Detection System,Solar Power System,Solar Hot Water System,Lightning Protection System,Power Factor Corr, etc...


Email: info@wedabima.com
Sausiri Complex, High Level Rd Nugegoda, Western 10250 LK